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American Celebration on Parade

Inhale the last of summer with a fun weekend in Shenandoah County, Virginia. The activities that await are sure to surprise you and will certainly coax a giggle out of your kiddos (and maybe you, too!). Ready for the best pomp Shenandoah County has to offer? We are too! Right this way …

American Celebration on Parade | Mt. Jackson

This is the attraction you never saw coming: a home for retired parade floats. Quirky? Indeed! At American Celebration on Parade you will see huge floats from huge parades like the Tournament of Roses Parade in Pasadena, California, and Presidential Inauguration parades. Stand where United States presidents have stood – in front of the huge American flag that has graced the inaugurations of Ronald Reagan, Barack Obama, and others over the years.

HURRY! American Celebration on Parade is only open Memorial Day through Labor Day

“From the minute you walk in the door it’s amazing! The size and detail of the displays are awe inspiring! Everyone loved being here from the 4 year old to the teenagers and finally the adults.”
– ammr54, TripAdvisor


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Shenandoah Caverns | Mt. Jackson

On the same grounds as American Celebration on Parade is Shenandoah Caverns, which is celebrating its centennial anniversary this year! The family will love a below ground cool down for sure and the bacon that awaits.

“Shenandoah had the BEST cave bacon … the views were excellent and you could be right next to them to see the crinkles and deposits. Fun entrance through the gates and down the tunnels.”
– Linda P., TripAdvisor

Shenandoah Valley Music Festival | Orkney Springs

Love live music? Who doesn’t!? Especially when it’s this caliber of music.

Then Shenandoah Valley Music Festival is held annually at Orkney Springs and features incredible acts in an intimate experience. Take advantage of the Music & Mountain Getaway Deals at Shrine Mont, which includes your meals as well.


  • Aug 12: America
  • Aug 13: The Village People
  • Sept 3: The Spinners
  • Sept 4: Bela Fleck with Billy Contreras, Jacob Jolliff, Justin Moses, Bryan Stutton, and Mark Schatz

Route 11 Potato Chips | Mt. Jackson

Y’all (yes, we say that here), these potato chips are the bomb-dot-com (and sometimes we say that, too). A visit to Route 11 Potato Chips is sooo good. The small-batch, kettle cooked, sustainable chippers offer the perfect crunch, and you can see them being made. Plus, there is an opportunity to taste the 10 primary varieties of chips: Lightly Salted, Barbeque, Dill Pickle, Sour Cream N Chive, Salt N Vinegar, Chesapeake Crab, Mama Zuma’s Revenge, Sweet Potato, Yukon Gold, and No Salt. Heck, you might even want to do more with your chips, like say, make cookies out of them. Talk about sweet-and-salty perfection. Nom!

“This was a surprise, and really worth the trip. Don’t miss it!! The staff is very enthusiastic, and you get to see pretty much the entire process from beginning to end.”
– 497dave, TripAdvisor

Fort Valley Ranch | Fort Valley

Saddle up for a trail ride with Fort Valley Ranch. Their horses, you, and an hour, 90-minute, half-day, or full day of riding is an excellent addition to any Shenandoah Valley adventure, provided you make reservations in advance. You’re welcome to make it a whole weekend experience with a cabin stay or by using their camp sites.

“Took a trail ride with my 9 year old granddaughter and they couldn’t have been nicer about making us feel comfortable and confident on the ride.” – NeNeInVA, TripAdvisor

Skydive Shenandoah | New Market

Whether you need an adrenaline rush, want to mark something big off your list, or just brag to your co-workers, Skydive Shenandoah is an awesome choice. First time tandem skydiving is their specialty. It’s a breathtaking experience but you’ll be in great hands with certified, experienced instructors.

“Today was my first jump and it was AMAZING … they did a great job of making us comfortable and excited for our first experience … I’ll be back!”
– Maryann V., Yelp

Muse Vineyards | Woodstock

When you’re searching for gold medal flavors, a flight at Muse Vineyards is a must! Their most recent hardware came from the 2022 Critics Challenge International Wine Competition in the form of a gold medal for their 2016 Cabernet Franc. Their 2017 Nebbiolo also brought home a gold this year, but from the San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition. In 2021 the Clio 2017 was a Virginia Governor’s Cup gold medal winner.

A weekend visit to Muse must include a delicious lunch on the grounds, and maybe a walk on the trails, too. And yes! Kids and dogs are welcome at Muse.

“This is probably one of the most tranquil spots in God’s country … Owner and staff were pleasant and helpful with selections.”
– Frank E., TripAdvisor


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Are you ready for your Shenandoah County getaway? It’s going to be an amazing time with whoever you choose to spend it with. Check out the nearby places to eat and sleep to round out your experience.

Header image courtesy of Shenandoah Caverns / American Celebration on Parade.

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