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Capon Springs and Farms

Water is essential for life. For centuries, natural mineral spring waters and hot springs have been revered for their medicinal value. In fact, doctors often prescribed “taking the waters” for ailments such as arthritis, eczema, and other painful ailments. While such prescriptions have fallen out of fashion, well-health seekers still flock to healing mountain waters of Capon Springs to relieve stress and pain.

Capon is a modern-day spelling and pronunciation of a Native American word that sounds more like “cape-cape-pe-hon,” which means “medicine waters,” according to Pam Kasey in her “To Your Health” article for Wonderful WV Magazine in 2017. Therefore, capon is a fitting name for the all-inclusive mountain resort of Capon Springs & Farms in High View, West Virginia.

First discovered in 1756 by Henry Frye, the mineral springs have been consumed and soaked in by presidents, athletes, and mere commoners like you and me. Pouring from the ground at about 100 gallons per minute and 65 degrees, the slightly alkaline water feeds every need in the resort, including the pool, spa, and drinking fountains. For the geeky ones among us, the pH level hovers around 7.2 to 7.3, levels that help to neutralize acid in the body.

Hygeia Bath House & Spa

The spa at Capon Springs – Hygeia – is modeled after the original Roman style brick baths of the 19th century. Step down into 500 gallons of heated spring water for a rejuvenating soak and rest assured it’s pure and chemical-free. Those 500 gallons are released between guests.

Capon Spring Spa

If you prefer aquatherapy, a personal swimspa heated to 86 degrees is also available. Feel free to invite a family member or friend to join you in either the spa or the swimspa for up to 60 minutes.

No spa experience is complete with the option of massages and reflexology. Soak a while to loosen your muscles and then let the massage therapists get to work on a focused or full body treatment.

More to Do at Capon Springs

As mentioned above, the pools are also spring-fed with the famous waters of Capon Springs. There is a large main pool and two smaller “kid-sized” pools. While you may certainly come for the waters of Capon Springs, you’ll probably want to get out of it some of the time, lest you look like a prune.

Consider Capon Springs a resort of yesteryear. It’s an unplugged arrangement with plenty of old-fashioned lawn games to occupy the family. Start a game of shuffleboard, croquet, or horseshoes, perhaps. In less-than-ideal weather, you might enjoy a stop by the game room or library.

Shenandoah Valley

Branch out and explore the 4,700 acres by way of six hiking trails. There is a stocked fishing pond as well as creeks to cast into if you’re an angler or want to teach the next generation to fish.

Organized activities take the weight of decision-making from your shoulders. Bingo is always a hit, as are campfires and hayrides. In the summer, sports tournaments are a competitor’s outlet for adrenaline.

When you’re ready to unwind, simply find a rocking chair or hammock. The library offers books to devour or you can snooze the afternoon away.

Speaking of devouring, the food at Capon is homecooked using generations’ old family recipes. All-you-can-eat freshly baked breads and desserts. Three meals per day plus afternoon and after dinner snacks are included with your stay.

Golfing at Capon Springs

Are you interested in a short game or a long game? Doesn’t matter. At Capon you can choose either or both, or put a spin on it and play fling golf. A nine-hole par three course – “The Prep Course” is the short game while the nine-hole par 34 course is regulation size. Rent a cart by the day or the week, if you like. Clubs and whatnot are available to borrow for free.

So what’s fling golf? It’s another golf hybrid like disc golf, but fling golf involves a stick akin to that of a lacrosse stick.

Time for Rest

There are many room options at Capon Springs. The Main House has 22 guest rooms (eight with a full bath and 14 with a shared bath). Consider it a camp experience with community bathrooms and showers. The Pavilion has 15 guest rooms with private bathrooms. Fifteen large cottages make up the rest of the accommodations with some private and some communal baths, comfortable rooms, porches, and shared living rooms. For couples seeking privacy, ask for The Honeymoon Cottage or The Log Cabin. (wink)

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