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Valley Pike Farm Market

If the promise of great food won’t make you travel we’re not quite sure what might, honestly. All jokes aside (because we have LOTS of things in the Shenandoah Valley to tempt you to travel), knowing there are amazing food options along your journey is absolutely vital. Unless you don’t care what you eat, of course. For those of us who do care what our next meal might be, this is one tasty list for traveling one iconic route, starting from the north end of the Valley.

Shaffer’s BBQ | Middletown

A family business since 1952, the Shaffer family sure knows their way around a smoker. Comfortably situated in an old gas station, visitors to Shaffer’s BBQ will find barbecue of all kinds on the menu plus fried chicken, oysters, catfish, local beef burgers, and in-season soft shell crab. More than a dozen sides are available. Peruse their coolers to choose from more than 200 craft beers, ciders, and wines.

If you don’t have room for dessert (who could blame you?), at least take something sweet to go. All of their treats are homemade; we are especially smitten with the chocolate peanut butter pie.

Route 11 Potato Chips | Mt. Jackson

“Mom? How are potato chips made?” We’re so glad you asked, and we’d rather leave it to the experts to demonstrate the process rather than spell it out for you here. That’s where a stop at Route 11 Potato Chips comes in.

Small batches of kettle cooked chips are created from local potatoes to create cult-like favorites such as Mama Zuma’s Revenge. That’s one hot chip! A blend of habanero and barbeque will set you on fire, but not immediately. Give it a second. In three, two, one …

If you can’t wait until summer to get your crab fest on, try the Chesapeake Crab chips. They use the same blend of spices Chesapeake Bay watermen use, making them an tasty crab-like fix for the meantime.

Pancake Underground | Strasburg

This food truck migrated from Portland, Oregon and grew up to become a restaurant in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. That’s how you know when the food is good! But don’t stop at the pancakes (though they are a showstopper). Pancake Underground also offers an incredible cast iron skillet-served biscuit and gravy, beautiful blackened shrimp and grits, and hand-breaded buttermilk fried chicken.

For those with dietary restrictions, gluten-free and vegan pancakes are available.


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Woodstock Café | Woodstock

It’s a love story born in Chicago, grown in Washington, DC, and blooming in Woodstock. At the helm of Woodstock Café is an impressive big city chef and his detail-oriented counterpart. Together they have created generous breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus to rival their respective histories. One don’t-skip menu item is anything pasta, and Chef Jose is known for his homemade pasta.

Regional ingredients are key to Chef’s dishes. Expect the local flavors to enjoy are Charlottesville-made breads, Shenandoah ramp butter (ramps are well known in West Virginia), Shenandoah Valley apples, and locally roasted coffee from just a block away at Aperture Coffee.


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Southern Kitchen | New Market

Family dining prepared by a family and served family style: Southern Kitchen. For more than 65 years locals and visitors have appreciated the traditional recipes and homemade goodness of this restaurant. Among the prized plates are hand cut steaks, Lloyd’s famous fried chicken, and peanut soup.

Kline’s Dairy Bar | Harrisonburg

Individually owned and operated, every Kline’s Dairy Bar starts with the heritage of the original in downtown Harrisonburg. It all started in 1943 with homemade custard style ice cream served through the window of the Kline family home. Today there are six locations in the Shenandoah Valley.

Each Kline’s location crafts the days ice cream fresh each morning, with a special Wednesday-only flavor to look forward to as well. Enjoy it in a cup, cone, milkshake, or take home a pint, quart or half-gallon.


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Shenandoah Heritage Market | Harrisonburg

When you see the windmills and covered bridge entry, you know you’re in the right place. Shenandoah Heritage Market is a great place to eat and shop. The Hungry Farmer Country Café offers a fresh soup of the day, generous salads, piled-high sandwiches, and homemade gelato for dessert.


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Valley Pike Farm Market | Weyers Cave

The relocated 1800s Sellers bank barn is the home of Valley Pike Farm Market, a country hub of shopping, dining, and gathering. Virginia producers and artisans have a place to be seen and sold, and you, dear visitor, have the opportunity to indulge in the fruits of their labors. House wines, craft beer, locally made condiments, handcrafted jerkies, homemade pastries and pies, Virginia favorite Homestead Creamery ice cream, Rumor Mill coffee, and signature sandwiches from the deli make for a very pleasing visit.

Wright’s Dairy-Rite | Staunton

What began in 1952 as a frozen custard delight grew to a drive-in restaurant with a full hot menu as well. The novelty of ordering carside is still in authentic existence at Wright’s. A carhop still delivers your homemade onion rings, footlong hotdogs, and chocolate shakes. Not by roller skates much these days, but it’s still a very cool experience.

Peck’s BBQ | Staunton

If a restaurant runs out of their mains by the end of the day, that’s a hint to the quality of their menu. Loaded plates of barbeque goodness can be topped with your choice of their homemade sauces. Everything is scratch made, even the fries and especially the hushpuppies.


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The Pink Cadillac Diner | Natural Bridge

Smoked prime rib, homemade meatloaf, and of course, the Elvis Burger are top menu items at The Pink Cadillac. Or skip the meal altogether and go straight for the Ice Cream Bar for a waffle cone full of your favorite ice cream flavor or perhaps a root beer float. Personally, we’d dive straight for the Brownie Supreme and call it a day.


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Don’t hold out on us. Let us know which of these tempted you, lured you in, and ultimately won your presence. Photos or it didn’t happen. Tag us on Instagram and let us see what you chose.

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