Shenandoah Valley

Shenandoah Valley

Discover Shenandoah Blue Ridge Whisky Wine Loop

Discover Shenandoah represents an all-season tourism destination based on Virginia’s “Blue Ridge Whisky Wine Loop” located in the Northern Blue Ridge Mountains.  Comprised of a coalition of the region’s highest rated tourism businesses, the loop includes eight fine wineries, three distilleries and two craft beer breweries. Distinctive dining and lodging locations are also located along the loop offering a wide variety of options to visitors to this beautiful region!

About the Distilleries

Copper Fox Distillery is located in Sperryville in an antique apple processing plant and their products are truly hand crafted using their own hand-malted barley, flavored with local apple and cherry wood smoke, and aged inside used bourbon barrels. Products include Single Malt Whisk and Spirit, Rye Whisky and Spirit, Gin, and more.

Dida’s Distillery is located on the same site as Rappahannock Cellars in Hume, VA and produces award winning vodka and brandy.

River Hill Distillery is located in Luray and is part of a picturesque 200-year-old family farm.  River Hill produces small batch aged bourbon whiskey, 100% corn whiskey, and various local fruit wines.  They are open on Saturdays and by appointment.