Shenandoah Valley

Shenandoah Valley

I 81 Exit 264 • U.S. 211 East to Sperryville

At Copper Fox Distillery we emphasize the combination of innovation and tradition to produce a whisky that is truly unique. And yes, it’s whisky–not Whiskey–for us, in the grand and storied tradition of the Scotch techniques that were our inspirations.

Hand-crafted with original ideas and locally-sourced ingredients, each barrel starts from scratch with our own hand-malted barley. We flavor the grain with fruitwood smoke and age the spirit with a progressive series of new and used fruitwood chips in used bourbon barrels. We invite you to join us on our flavor journey that never ends!

Take the Sperryville Distillery Tour and see firsthand how we craft world-class spirits right here in Virginia. You’ll see how we malt our barley, smoke the grain and the wood chips for the maturation process, and all the steps the spirits go through in their flavor journey to perfection. You’ll have the opportunity to sample our products with tastings and cocktails. Visit the shop for all kinds of swag and of course, to take home bottles of our amazing spirits.

And if you’re in Williamsburg, visit our new distillery location at 901 Capitol Landing Road.