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Bryce Resort, situated in beautiful Shenandoah County, opened in 1965 with a small ski building and an air strip. It has grown into more than 400 acres of four-season outdoor thrills—skiing, snow-boarding, tubing, mountain biking, golf and ziplining. You can rent kayaks, canoes and paddleboards on Lake Laura; and there is even “fling golf,” where you ride a lift to the top of a mountain and play your way back down. Of course, tennis and swimming are available, too.

We caught up with Jackie Moe, Bryce’s Event Sales & Coordinator, to find out what’s going this season.

SVTA: Considering the COVID-19, can you tell us if you are operating at a reduced or full capacity?
Jackie: “Bryce Resort is working at the mandated numbers currently guided by Phase 3.  What that means for us is that our restaurant is open with 75% capacity – all tables are six feet apart and our staff practices the safe guidelines.  No customer is allowed in without a mask, unless they are eating or drinking.  Currently this season our golf course is open every day and guests are able to use the golf carts on a single person capacity or mixing with family members.”

SVTA: What other measures are in place for public safety?
Jackie: “We are following the guidelines that the Governor has issued.  We have signage up and placed all around the resort.  No mask– no service.  We have wash stations, sanitizing stations and markers for social distancing in place.   Our staff members wear masks (even during some events outside) and we are sanitizing equipment.

“We also have the ability to provide takeout for customers and we have the Grill currently open until the end of summer season.   We are hosting several outdoor dinners and all that is being promoted via social media.”

SVTA: Anything particular you’d like to mention about visiting the resort during September?
Jackie: “As anyone can imagine we have had to think outside the box to keep people entertained but safe.  In September we will be hosting two “Dinners on the Mountain;” this is a five-course meal, and people ride the lift up and back down and watch the sunset from the mountain top.  Our dinners are very popular because adults still can have an evening out but they feel safe.

“Our Bike park will be open, too and with the change in the leaves in September it makes for a beautiful ride. With the new trials opened the fun is endless.  Also, let’s not forget golf – we are open!!  We also have scenic lift rides and other mountain games.”

The Bike Park is indeed popular at this time of year. We got a bit more about it from Andrew DeVier-Scott, Marketing Associate at Bryce.

“Bryce Bike Park has been fully operational this season,” Andrew told us. “ We opened a little later than expected as we needed to figure out operational procedures during the pandemic. We have been requiring all visitors to pre-book their tickets online to avoid crowds at the ticket booth and more easily monitor and plan for crowds. We are requiring all visitors to wear masks while inside any resort buildings.  We ask people to only load the lift with those whom they came with. We also ask everyone to distance themselves by at least six feet while in the lift line. All equipment is disinfected at the end of each day (bikes, rental gear, etc.)

“We plan to keep the bike park open as long as possible this year.  Closing will depend on when we can start consistently making snow but I would guess we’ll be open through November. We also have intentions to continue the expansion of the bike park. We are unsure of when that will happen right now but are optimistically hoping for the fall. We have plans to build one or two more trails by the start of next year.

“One other thing to mention that is new this year; we will be keeping Lake Laura open past Labor Day and through the month of September. We usually close the lake after Labor Day.”

Bryce resort is member-owned and welcomes guests to enjoy everything the resort has to offer. There are different membership levels; you can purchase a basic package with access to the pool, Lake Laura and clubhouse and special discounts, or you can add on and purchase a golf package or ski package. There are many different options. You do not have to come with a member to partake in any of the activities.

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