Shenandoah Valley

Shenandoah Valley

I-81 Exit 247A

The House of Clues in Harrisonburg is the latest challenging and fun experience for all families, friends and team bonding.

An escape room is an adventure game in which players are “locked” in a room and have to use elements of the room to solve a series of puzzles and think their way out within 60 minutes.

Friends & Family
Work together and bond with your family and friends. Experience the most popular thing to do on your vacation in Harrisonburg.

Corporate Team Building
Get out of the work environment and engage in a dynamic, energizing, fun adventure that will get your team spirit going and leave you wanting to get more of that feeling of accomplishment by working together.

Fetch quests? Check. Psycho enemy? Check. Fast travel? Sort of check. Enjoy 100% lifelike graphics and perfectly natural controls in these 360° 3D action adventure puzzles. No DLCs to buy, updates to wait on, or deadly ledges to fall off. And I think there’s a Monster in the fridge.

Here’s one escape room example:

A notorious gang of thieves has been trying to break into our museum to steal the world’s largest diamond. We don’t know who the thieves are and need your help to discover their identities.  We believe they may have left behind pieces of evidence that, if you are clever enough, will lead you to understand their dastardly plan and save that diamond. You have 60 minutes before the gang is expected to return.  Will you successfully carry out your mission, or … will the gang catch you?